ANDOVER'S MP has said that the Prime Minister has made the 'right decision' to resign among calls for him to do so and the resignation of approximately 50 ministers and aides.

Posting to Twitter on Thursday afternoon (July 7), MP for North West Hampshire Kit Malthouse said: "The last few days have been extremely difficult, but throughout I have been very conscious of my constitutional duty and the importance of the Home Office in our public safety architecture, and the need for ministers to continue their vital function within it.

"Yesterday I was clear with the Prime Minister about my assessment of the political and ethical landscape that he faced, and the best course of action for the good governance of the country. While I am dismayed about the circumstances and manner of his going, I think he has made the right decision.

"As my party decides on a new leader Her Majesty's government must continue and we all have an overriding duty to put our shoulder to the wheel if asked to serve."

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As previously reported, previous policing minister Mr Malthouse has now been appointed as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, the most senior minister in the Cabinet Office after the prime minister.

He added: "The Prime Minister has asked me to be Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster to guide the Cabinet Office and provide stability during this period and I will try my best to do so."

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