ANDOVER College has received a makeover thanks to the college's own students.

The recording studio facility in Andover College's music department has been expertly refurbished with the help of music, construction and carpentry students.

Under the guidance of their lecturers, the students boxed in the fireplace and insulated the bookshelf area to make a vocal booth, perfect for recording vocals. They installed a sound-absorbing floating floor system to ensure the rooms below are still usable for teaching when recording, as well as carpeting the room and floors ready for music tech students, such as Ruben Tomlinson-Sylvest, Jack Winter, Harrison Escudier and Jasmine Alhermi to install acoustic tiles.

This has transformed the space, with acoustics ready for producing professional multi-track recordings for a range of instruments.

Level 2 brickwork student Kelly Gillan worked alongside lecturer Dean Carpenter to brick up an existing doorway which connected to the Control room next door which is also being refurbished to compliment the acoustics of the live room. Level 2 carpentry students Jake Sandford, Jack Smallbones and Daniel Chilton worked alongside their main studies to complete all of the carpentry work on the floor system and recording booth.

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Music students have now begun to use the newly finished room for recording projects, injecting a new excitement and creativity into the department. With the facility within easy reach, students are making full use of the studio, in both lessons and their own time. The results will be shared across the college's social media and other platforms as the students and lecturers are immensely proud of their successes.

Andover College has two recording studios capable of recording up to sixteen tracks of simultaneous audio, a multimedia Mac suite featuring industry-standard Logic Pro X recording software, three rehearsal rooms and a professional theatre for drama and music productions.

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