I HAVE always found shopping a pain. There is always so much to look at and I always end up coming out with just one item which is very similar to all the other items in my wardrobe!

With so many different colours and styles out there it's often easier to stick with what you know or what you're used to.

But personal stylist Chantelle Znideric is completely against that idea and is keen for shoppers to venture into unknown ground and use shopping and fashion to accentuate what looks good.

Chantelle, aged 29, who holds personal consultations in Festival Place, Basingstoke, is a firm believer that wearing the right colours and styles can lift confidence as well as fashion awareness. "It's all about creating illusions with the right styles and accentuating the body parts you feel confident about," she said.

"I believe that everybody has got good bits' and it's about focussing on those parts. It's amazing that women can often look in the mirror and see something completely different compared to what other people see."

Chantelle's consultations allow her clients to discover what colours suit them most and what styles suit their body shapes. "I love the feeling afterwards of seeing my clients really happy and being able to enjoy their clothes," she said.

"Wearing what suits you - and knowing what suits you when you go shopping - will do so much for the way you see yourself in the mirror."

As well as selecting which colours suit them - ranging from spring, summer, autumn, winter, warm, cold, soft and heavy - Chantelle takes her clients out onto the shop floor to help pick out new items for their wardrobes.

"When they take on my advice and I see them pulling out clothes from the rails which match their colours and styles it's wonderful for me," she said.

Chantelle has always been interested in fashion trends and decided to leave her training in graphic design to qualify as a personal stylist in January last year.

"I just love working with clothes and colours. I love seeing all the different fashions on different people.

"Helping other people learn to love clothes shopping and getting them able to get the most out of it is really wonderful."

As well as women coming to see her, Chantelle often has male clients wanting help.

"Looking good is for everyone and knowing how to look good is easy when you know what to look for in shops," she said.

For more information about the consultations Chantelle offers at Festival Place call her on 07971 484882 or email her at chantelle@topstylista.co.uk