SOUTHERN Water's "Unflushable" team has reported finding false teeth, mobile phones and soft toys flushed down the loo.

The water company is looking to keep sewers free from wet wipes, ‘unflushables’, fat, oil and grease by working together with communities and businesses.

This includes teams who travel across the region speaking to customers and businesses, who are unaware of the trouble caused by flushing the incorrect items and showing them first-hand examples of the problems that can be caused.

Andover Advertiser: Some of the items the Unfushable team has found in sewersSome of the items the Unfushable team has found in sewers (Image: Southern Water)Dropping wet wipes and kitchen grease down toilets and sinks causes sewer blockages and pollution incidents. Any blockages in a sewer pipe can lead to internal sewer flooding.

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A 'fatberg' caused several spillages of raw sewage out of the manholes under Winchester High Street in the last few years.

Southern Water has reported success and improvements through this scheme. This includes contacting approximately 25,000 customers a year through door knocking, delivering talks, attending events and carrying mini projects within selected catchment areas.

The company has said that that sewer blockages have been reduced by 20 per cent as a result, while food business blockages have also fallen by 25 per cent.

Matt Collins, field customer engagement officer, said: “We’ve had some unusual items found in the sewers, including false teeth, mobile phones, toys and even an inflatable life jacket. Other strange items include a set of Christmas tree lights and mobile phone, from the same blockage. We’ve also found a pickaxe end in Portsmouth and a pair of jeans in Southampton.

“The only things that should be flushed down the toilet are the three Ps – pee, poo and paper. For everything else - Bag it and Bin it.”