MR. JAMES HARRIS has been favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction, at the Royal Hotel, WINCHESTER, on WEDNESDAY the 19th day of DECEMBER, 1883, at 4 o’clock precisely, in One Lot, a Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, situate in the centre of the Village of Longparish, comprising a comfortable Dwelling House, containing 3 sitting rooms with 5 bedrooms and the usual offices, Stable and Outbuildings, large and well stocked Garden, and Two Closes of PASTURE LAND, the whole containing 4a. 2r. 12p., and now in the occupation of Miss Sims.

This property adjoins the Estates of W. H. Iremonger, Esq., and Miss Thompson; it is in the valley of the Test, so noted for its fishing; and the new Fullerton and Hurstbourne Railway, with proposed station at Longparish, will greatly increase the value of this Property.

ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO FRIDAY, 20 NOVEMBER 1908 TIDWORTH MAIL VAN ROBBED – OVER £100 MISSING On Wednesday evening a rather startling robbery occurred at North Tidworth, the perpetrator, or perpetrators, of which have not so far been discovered. The driver of the local mail van started on his round as usual, and after making his collection at Shipton proceeded to the post office at Tidworth Barracks.

From there he went on to North Tidworth post office, where he was also due to pick up mails. On arrival here, however, he discovered that the doors of the van were open and that the bag which he had collected at the Barracks was missing.

The Wiltshire police were informed of the matter with all possible haste, and particulars were forwarded to all the neighbouring police divisions. A search was also begun, and eventually the mail bag was found in the garden occupied by the Rev. Vaughan Williams at the Rectory.

Evidently it had been thrown over the fence. The bag was found to contain the letters, apparently all right, but the small bag which was placed inside holding the reserve cash had been removed and stolen. This contained about £130.

The evening was very dark, and it was practically an easy matter for anyone to get behind the van unobserved, open the doors, and remove the bag.

The circumstances would suggest, however, that those responsible for the act were fairly conversant with the movements of the mailman, and if that is the case the matter of detecting them will be a very difficult one. The affair took place in Wiltshire, and the police of that county are actively engaged in making investigations. SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO FRIDAY, 24 NOVEMBER 1933 ADVERTISEMENT – READY FOR XMAS – ANDOVER INSPECT SHOW HOUSE – WALFORD HOUSES NO Legal Fees Stamp Duties Survey Fees.

NO Road Charges or Paving Charges Whatever.

£525 £495 Freehold £25 DEPOSIT 15/- Weekly 14/2 Weekly NO MORE TO PAY Write for Illustrated Brochure of the WEYHILL ROAD ESTATE, ANDOVER SALE PRICE INCLUDES: Choice of Decorations, Electric Light to Lampholders, Garage Entrance, Hot Water from Boiler in Kitchen, 3 Beds., 2 Rec, Kitchen, Bath.

Semi-Detached Houses of Distinction With room for Garage. Near to Andover Junction and Town Stations.

FIFTY YEARS AGO FRIDAY, 21 NOVEMBER 1958 “NEW LOOK” IN ANDOVER STORE – PLUMMERS’ MODERN PRESENTATION The fashion store of Plummer Roddis have introduced the newest trend in retailing in Andover. Complete re-organisation and new fittings have placed the emphasis on the fashion and juvenile departments by bringing them on to the ground floor in an extensive “walk-round” layout which gives “at a glance” selection from the wide range of merchandise available. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO FRIDAY, 25 NOVEMBER 1983 ‘HORRIFYING’ FIGURES IN FOOTPATH QUEST FOR DANGER ROAD Cllr Peter Sumner spent nearly four hours in Charlton on three separate days recently to come up with what he calls “horrifying statistics” to support local residents’ call for a footpath in Hatherden Road.

On the first day 330 cars, 63 lorries and buses, 14 motorcycles and 19 bicycles shared the road with 56 pedestrians (plus, the councillor noted as a well-known dog-lover, three dogs on leads). He started counting at 8.20 am.

On another day he stationed himself in the road at 3.30 om to count 337 cars, 55 lorries, 10 motorcycles, 17 bicycles, 91 pedestrians and seven dogs (on leads).

His final day, again from 3.30 pm, yielded a count of 433 cars, 59 lorries, 39 motorcycles, 103 pedestrians and three dogs.