NINE councillors were present at the November meeting of Stockbridge Parish Council.

Also in attendance were Hampshire County Cllr Michael Woodhall, Test Valley Borough Cllr Neville Whiteley and five residents.

The following topics were discussed: River Test biodiversity: A member had proposed an improvement to the River Test environs and a quotation had been obtained for a report to be prepared.

This would involve a survey of the streams, the preparation of drawings and a comprehensive report.

Members discussed the project and deferred a decision until January.

Chattis Hill: Members were concerned that this planning application, although not in Stockbridge area, had been properly enforced as it impacted on Stockbridge.

The chairman had been in contact with both the county and borough councils and Michael Woodhall agreed to follow up.

Disabled parking spaces: It was agreed that the disabled parking space outside the public conveniences would be repainted and one space to be allotted outside the Co-op and the chemist.

Town centre manager’s report: The manager gave details of the Stockbridge Area Partnership (SAP).

The names and organisations were given of the representatives who had agreed to join SAP.

A website was up and running but there was still some photographs required.

The manager had met a group of youths 11-16 at Test Valley School to inquire if they had any ideas for activities and the meeting had been interesting and productive.

CCTV: A quotation had been obtained to refurbish the equipment.

However funding was a problem. Members to make a decision prior to agreeing the budget in January.

Cemetery: Tree work had been carried out at the cemetery and the grass had been cut at the Romsey Road cemetery. Quotations were still awaited for the accident damage to Romsey Road cemetery.

Cultural promotion: A summary of the responses to the village questionnaire was produced for members.

This gave an interesting list of events from music to a picnic in the summer.

Noticeboards: A new noticeboard for the cemetery is to be purchased and new backing provided for the existing centre noticeboards.

Plastic bags: A resident had produced a scheme for Stockbridge to become a plastic bag free zone.

This will be investigated further.

Allotment: A member of the council wished to provide an allotment in Stockbridge for residents and he gave details of the site envisaged and how it would operate.

Street lighting: The council is to receive an invoice for damage to a light column. Members had decided in the past not to insure the street lighting because of the high cost, but now wished to do so. The clerk is to ascertain the value of all the equipment.

Representatives from Hyde Housing and the borough council housing department will be present at the January meeting to discuss affordable housing.