CROP circle researcher Colin Andrews is asking whether anyone else witnessed a strange series of lights in the sky to the north-west of Andover late on Saturday evening.

Mr Andrews, a former Test Valley Borough Council officer now based in the United States, says the report has come from a reliable source – an off-duty police officer, who does not wish to be identified.

“He witnessed a strange cluster of lights at approximately 10.45pm on Saturday evening and again at 11.03 pm,” said Mr Andrews.

“One very bright light with six further lights forming a diamond shape around it – they were that well-formed he thought at first he was looking at a star constellation. “The array was at some distance to the west of the town and thought to be at considerable height.

“No sound at all. The first sighting lasted about 30 to 45 seconds and they all blinked out as if a switch was turned off, and then reappeared 17 minutes later slightly further north and for just seconds.

“They did not appear to be moving on either occasion. He said he thought they were in the vicinity of Chute.

“He called his partner, who also witnessed the strange lights – these were definitely not Chinese lanterns, of which he has seen many during his night shifts.”

Anyone else who may have witnessed the lights is asked to get in contact on