A LONGPARISH pre-school has been highly praised during a Ofsted recent inspection.

Longparish Little School was rated “good” after Ofsted inspectors visited in March.

The school was judged in four areas: ‘effectiveness of the leadership and management’, ‘quality of teaching, learning and assessment’, ‘personal development’ and ‘behaviour and welfare and outcomes for children’.

In the report, inspectors said staff had a good understanding of children’s abilities.

It added: “Children are confident and inquisitive and freely explore the interesting playgroup.

“Many are keen to talk about their activities.

“Overall, staff plan activities well that encourage children to think and develop their skills.”

The school was deemed “good” in all areas except for personal development – where it was seen to be “outstanding”.

The report said: “Staff are excellent role models, and their respectful, kind and caring behaviour creates a highly positive atmosphere where children’s behaviour is exemplary.

“Children are confident, settled and happy. “Staff get to know children very well and the children form strong bonds with them.

“Staff value highly the individuality of each child.”

Overall inspectors said the school helps children prepare their next stage in learning.

The report only showed two aspects the school could work on to improve further.

Inspectors said the school should make better use of learning opportunities to sustain children’s interest and challenge them further.

They also said the school should continue to increase opportunities for children to manage some daily tasks.

Chair of the committee Becky Hopkinson said: “The committee are very proud of the staff for their dedication and commitment to ensure the children receive an outstanding experience.”