A SCHOOL for pupils with learning difficulties held a celebration after receiving its third ‘outstanding’ Ofsted report.

Norman Gate School was told by inspectors it had received the top rating following a visit in July.

Inspectors ranked the school as ‘outstanding’, the same as its last inspection in 2013, with the report stating: “Your clear and ambitious vision for pupils to be successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens is apparent throughout the school and nursery.

“You have very ably built upon the school’s many strengths, noted at the last inspection.”

According to the national watchdog’s confidential survey, a large majority of parents who responded ‘could not speak too highly enough’ of the Vigo Road primary school.

The report added: “One parent spoke for many by saying, ‘What [the school] offers to children who are struggling in a variety of ways is unbelievable. Each child is valued for his/her own differences and attributes’.”

Inspectors also praised staff members who were ‘justifiably proud’ of the school’s curriculum.

Inspectors saw the school organised interesting visits for its children, adding: “Staff know each pupil as an individual and tailor teaching, learning and the environment to suit every children’s needs.

“They enthusiastically support pupils to master important life skills, as well to make academic gains.”

Pupils were also seen to be respectful of each other.

Another aspect the school was praised on was its ability to encourage students to think for themselves.

One example included a ‘young enterprise’ project in which pupils applied for funds to develop an idea and set up a mini-business.

Students could also apply and interview for jobs within the school.

The report added: “The opportunities that you provide also develop pupils’ resilience, enabling them to cope with disappointment, such as when more than 30 pupils applied for eight school council places.”

Christine Gayler, headteacher, said: “I am delighted with the feedback from Ofsted and the exceptional quality of education on offer at the school is down to the relentless drive to meet every child’s individual need by every single member of dedicated staff.

“We are all looking forward to continuing to work hard to maximise each child’s school experience.”