ANDOVER pupils have become some of the first cyber safety ambassadors for the county.

Students from Vigo Primary School have completed GoFISH training and are now fully equipped to defeat the ‘cyber sea monsters’ and help other pupils at their school stay safe online.

The group of Year 5 and 6 pupils have become some of the first Cyber Ambassadors in Hampshire.

They will be helping the police and crime commissioner’s Youth Commission to pilot this new peer-led scheme to tackle concerns about staying safe online.

The aim of the scheme is to enable skilled-up, informed pupils to educate and offer advice and support to their peers so they can make the most of the internet and stay safe.

Vigo Primary is one of eight primary and seven secondary schools to be involved in the pilot.

Anne Perriam, headteacher, said: “I believe it is important to ensure children have an awareness of the dangers of engaging with the digital world.

“Unless children are made aware of the importance of cyber safety, they cannot stay safe online. This project will help ensure the children at Vigo Primary School have practical advice on how to stay safe.”

One pupil ambassador, Adam Rodgers, added: “The ambassador’s training was the best experience ever!

“We had to learn how to defeat the cyber sea monsters, which we [pupils at Vigo] helped to design during the summer term.

"We also learnt, if in doubt, give an adult a shout and Go Find Internet Safety (GO FISH).”