A TEAM of doctors and mammographers who work across Wiltshire and the rest of the NHS Wessex Region are putting their own bodies on the line this weekend in The Wolf Run.

They have agreed to take part in the gruelling 10k race, which the organisers say includes a unique combination of three kinds of off-road running: mud runs, trail runs and obstacle runs.

Their effort is in aid of raising money for much-needed biopsy equipment in the department they run.

The team includes some members who have been supporting a colleague who has been struck down by breast cancer.

Laura Browne, a mammographer and one of the volunteer runners, said: “We deal with many ladies daily and often our job is about reassurance, but to see a close colleague affected in this way really brings it home.”

The Breast Imaging Unit works deals with over 34,000 patients a year.  On their Justgiving page they say: “We have taken it upon ourselves to buy what we need to help deliver the best care to our breast cancer patients.”

Laura added: “Our target is high but we think we can achieve our goal. We’ve already had a lot of support from the ladies who have visited us in our mobile unit.”

The event takes place on Sunday. Anyone who wishes to donate can click here .