A NEW exercise programme is available to heart patients at Andover War Memorial Hospital who have completed the phase III exercise group 'healthy hearts exercise' within the past six months.

The aim of the group is to maintain or improve the health benefits gained during the phase III programme and to provide motivation and support under the guidance of a trained exercise professional.

Andover cardiac rehab Sister Debbie Lusty, said: "This is a wonderful new service for our patients.

"With both the long established Andover Heart Support Group and now the Healthy Hearts Exercise Group, Andover is very lucky to be able to offer patients a choice in the way they wish to exercise."

The classes take place between 6pm and 7pm at Harrow Way School gymnasium.

Cardiac Rehab is holding its 2008 Christmas reunion on 17 December in the physio department at the hospital at 6.30 - all past and present participants are welcome.