ANDOVER’S Lib Dems say it is “game on” for next month’s general election after the party finished second in every seat in the town at last week’s county council elections.

Chairman of Liberal Democrats in the Andover and district area, Luigi Gregori, appeared pleased with voting results, despite not winning any of the seats.

Mr Gregori, who ran for Andover West’s seat, said: “We’ve done very well in all three of the Andover areas, we increased our vote in all three, and come second in all three.

“The important thing for voters is we are the only real viable alternative to the Conservatives in the coming general election.”

Andover South’s Liberal Democrat candidate, Richard Rowles, says it is “game on” for the next borough election as well as next month’s snap general election.

He said: “Across Andover I’d say like for like we increased our vote by 8 per cent over 2013, and both Luigi and I more than doubled our vote.

"1,100 new voters for the Lib Dems in Andover and we are now the real opposition to the Conservatives in Andover."

On the night, he said: “18 per cent voted [for me/ Liberal Democrat] so that’s a good increase from last time.

“I really enjoyed the campaign, it was absolutely great.

“It’s nice the people have faith in me and my local credentials.

“The fight goes on, the borough elections are in two years.

“Game on.”