TOWN councillors are ‘proud’ following a swearing-in ceremony of five more youth councillors, which was held at the Guildhall last week.

Ffion Shirley, Charlie Campion, Jack Auton, Hannah Speed and Bethany McGuire were sworn in at the town council’s full meeting last Thursday.

Callum McGuire, youth council executive officer, was ‘really proud’ of his new fellow councillors.

Winner of last year’s Pride of Andover’s Young Persons of the Year Award, Mr McGuire said: “I know some of them were nervous but they’ve done brilliantly - they’ve done very well.

“That was their first public appearance and for someone of their age, doing something like that is nerve wracking.

“I know what it’s like but I think they’ve done really well.”

Winton ward town councillor, Geoff McBride, said: “I’m very proud because in previous years I’ve been there when they’ve been sworn in.

“I get quite choked up because it’s young people saying ‘I want to do something for Andover’ - it’s fantastic.”