PEOPLE mark milestone birthday’s in different ways, but for one 95-year-old she wanted to take the opportunity to check something off her bucket list.

Sadie Donnelly was the guest of honour at iFly, in the Leisure Park, where she took the decision to take part in a simulated skydive.

The 95-year-old, who is celebrating her birthday today (November 12), was inspired to take on the adrenaline fuelled activity after seeing another resident of Sunrise of Fleet have a go last year.

“Viv was my inspiration,” Sadie told the Gazette

“Seeing her do it I thought that I could do it so I spoke to my family who helped organise it.”

Dressed in her superhero flight suit, Sadie stepped into the flight chamber accompanied by one of the facilities instructors.

Sadie said: “It was a lot more difficult that I expected, I thought I would just be able to float there, but the pressure is a lot more than I expected.”

Even though this may be an unusual pastime for many older people, according to Sadie’s daughter Ruth Fry, this was normal behaviour for her mum.

Ruth said: “Mum has always been one to give anything a go.

“Even when our late father was still alive the pair of them were very instinctive of what they did. If they saw a queue for something, they would join it not knowing what was at the end.

“That’s just what they were like. So when she said she wanted to do this for her birthday I wasn’t exactly shocked.”

When Sadie finished her flight spectators gave her a round of applause, before iFly hosted a party for her.

Sales Coordinator at iFly, Sarah Adams said: “Sadie is a fantastic example of many inspiring people who have flown at iFly.

“Seeing people like Sadie fly dispels the myth that it is only for extreme sports enthusiasts and hope she had an amazing experience.”