PROPOSALS for a new retirement complex in Tadley have finally been given the go ahead.

As previously reported in the Gazette, McCarthy and Stone had applied from planning permission from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to build a new 42 apartment complex in New Road, with associated retail store.

At a previous meeting the plans were deferred due to worries about the affordable housing.

However, following a development control committee meeting last Wednesday councillors approved the proposal despite further concerns.

During the meeting councillors raised concerns with the retail element of the application, specifically how it would be accessed for delivery vehicles.

Tadley South ward councillor, Cllr David Leeks said: “I have no problem with the housing at all, but my concerns is with the vehicular access to the store.

“I have seen big vehicles go down to Reading Warehouse and they take up the whole road, and when they turn around, they turn on site.

“This application has set out the use of a lay by on New Road and there is no guarantee that it will be left free for delivery vehicles.”

This was a view which was echoed by Popley East ward member, Cllr David Potter, who said he didn’t have any issues with the broad application but was concerned as to where potentially large HGVs would go in the residential areas.

He added: “I’m sure residents would love seeing 40 ft lorries going down these relatively narrow roads, so to encourage that is just bizarre to me.

“The highway hazards caused by lorries in this layby it will impact the site lines for drivers.”

Councillors asked officers if there was anyway to regulate or restrict the size of the vehicles which would be using the site but speaking from experience Bramley and Sherfield representative Cllr Nick Robinson said that wasn’t possible.

He added:” Up until recently I ran a retail until and I had no control over what the vehicles were that would deliver goods to me.

“I cannot see a viable route for a vehicle.”

Despite the concerns raised there was not enough of a valid reason for councillors to refuse the application and approval was granted.