Name: Barry Jones (standing as Labour Party Candidate for North East Hampshire)

Age: 72

Education background: Durham pit village grammar school, Imperial College London, Mid-Essex Technical College (now Anglia Ruskin), Birkbeck College, University of York (graduating in January with an MA)

Profession before running for MP: Electronic Systems Engineer/System Architect, then, since retirement, student of railway history

Family life: Married, two adult children, one living in London, one in Brussels

What car do you drive? Peugeot 2008

Where did you last go on holiday? East Lancashire

What was the last thing you ate? Pizza

Have you ever taken illegal drugs? Only when passive smoking in a student bar!.

When was the last time you cried? Can’t remember

What is your favourite book of all time? The American Challenge by Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber – it may be 50 years old but it is a good reminder of how unbalanced the USA likes its trading relationships to be.

What are you ties to the area you hope to represent? Live just outside, have worked with companies based in Fleet and Hook, and have been friends with members of the local Labour Party for many years. Regularly eat in pubs in Hartley Wintney, Hook, Crookham, Odiham, Winchfield, and Crondall

What’s your favourite restaurant in North East Hampshire? It depends on the sort of meal I’m after.

Where do you do your food shopping? Frimley, The Meadows, the end of my road.

Describe your perfect Friday night: Sitting in front of a fire catching up on the television I haven’t got round to watching.

What’s your favourite drink? TEA (both from tea leaves and from the Hog’s Back Brewery)

Best place in Hampshire in your opinion? Winchester (my last 5 years of full-time work were in Winchester district)

Do you think MPs should be allowed to hire their family members? No

In a sentence, why do you deserve the gig? Because I understand how government works and can deliver policies that will benefit the many and not just the few.

What do you think the biggest issue facing residents of North East Hampshire is? Massive increase in population without corresponding increase in infrastructure (public transport and road connectivity) and services (medical and education).

In a sentence, what do you want to change if you are elected? I want to change the balance of power away from developers towards the local community, to end austerity and to invest in our future.