Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party, has spoken about her plans for another independence referendum.

"It is very clear the majority of people of Scotland want to remain in the European Union. Westminster has ignored Scotland for more than three years.

"Last night, the people of Scotland said 'enough'. It is time for Boris Johnson to start listening.

"I accept, regretfully, that he has a mandate for Brexit in England. But he has no right to take Scotland out of the European Union.

"If he presses ahead with Brexit, he will go against the principle of the union.

"Whether or not Scotland becomes independent should be a matter for all of us who live here, no matter where we come from. It is not a matter for a Conservative prime minister.

"The stunning election win for the SNP strengthens out mandate, which says it is a matter for the Scottish Parliament to decide whether and when there should be a new referendum."

"The Scottish government will make the case next week for us to hold a referendum.

"This is not about asking any Westminster politician for permission. This is not a demand the SNP is making, this is a right for Scotland."

She also spoke to people from EU countries living in the UK:

"I am very aware this will be a very difficult day for you. So let me say, you are welcome here, we value your contribution, and I will fight with everything I have to protect your right to call Scotland your home."

Meanwhile Boris Johnson has returned to Downing Street, where his party cheered him through the door. He has not yet spoken outside number 10.