POLICE have warned residents to be "on their guard" after burglars broke into a house in Popley and stole gold jewellery.

They say that a house on Green Templeton Close was broken into via a rear window on Saturday (February 15) just after 7pm.

After searching the house, the burglars stole gold jewellery including a plain gold band with 'KS' engraved on the outside, as well as a gold chain with a pendant depicting a Buddha figure.

This has prompted the police to reassure residents with patrols taking place in the area.

Basingstoke Neighbourhood Inspector Richard Lane said: “I would like to reassure residents that we are following several lines of investigation and are conducting patrols in the locality.

“However, please take note of the crime prevention advice below and take precautions.

“If you see anyone or any vehicles acting suspiciously in your area and it’s happening there and then, ring 999.

“Householders should take care to secure valuables and ensure doors and windows are kept secured whether you are at home or out and about.

“When you are out and about, use timer switches, leave a radio on and use security lighting, set alarms and use CCTV if you have them available.”

Anyone with information with the latest burglary are urged to get in touch with police by calling 101 and quoting 44200059162.

It comes after the Gazette previously reported how one woman warned Asian residents in Basingstoke to be cautious after police told her she was targeted because of her race.

Risham, her husband Yasir and their nine-year-old son Salim were driving to London on Monday, January 27 when they noticed on their CCTV cameras that their Marnel Park house was being burgled by what they called an "organised crime team".

"I’m still in a state of shock," Risham said.

Amongst the items stolen, according to the family, are expensive watches, gold and cash.

"What should we do? Does that mean we should not live in normal standards to not stand out? It seems that we are being targeted."

"We thought we were all secured because we had cameras but they still came. It was very scary and we are very scared."

Officers from Hampshire Constabulary also urged residents with "high value jewellery" to take the following action:

  • If you have a quantity of valuable jewellery in your property, consider storing in another safe location such as a safety deposit box facility.
  • Avoid posting about weddings, festivals or other celebrations on social media – criminals may see your posts and work out when you won’t be at home.
  • During festivals, please take extra care while out and about. Avoid wearing large amounts of jewellery in a public place and try to avoid travelling or walking alone.
  • Check your privacy settings to ensure only friends and family can see your posts and photos.
  • Photograph each valuable piece of gold or jewellery and keep a written description – this will help police trace it back to you if it is ever stolen and will help identify it if attempts are made to sell it on.
  • Ensure jewellery is adequately insured. Register all property (not just jewellery) for free on www.immobilise.com.
  • Try to avoid decorating the outside of your home during religious festivals and events. Symbols, flags, lights or other emblems can help criminals identify homes where gold is likely to be present.
  • Other security measures include installing CCTV and an alarm and security lighting with motion sensors. For more information about crime prevention, visit www.hampshire.police.uk.