A COUNCIL leader has shared his thoughts on the second demonstration after a female protester was seen waving her placards back and forth this afternoon.

Three protesters were identified at War Memorial Park from 2pm, spread out a few meters away from each other, near a large tree.

The signs were written in capital blue letters and read ‘For Human Rights’ and ‘Respect the NHS’.

Cllr Ken Rhatigan told the Gazette: “It’s difficult to control children when protesting. Social distancing must be adhered to.

“Female protester thinks the Government will impose restrictions and not lift them. I said you cannot put peoples’ lives in danger. The virus is unseen, and anyone could be carriers.

“I said to her you have children; how would you feel if they lost their mother? The reality of going outside is that she is putting her life and others at risk. You do not know who has the virus.”

“The male protester was saying people should be able to protest in the way they want to. But the level of shouting from him frightened people and its not what you expect in a park. It was threatening behaviour.”