A SUSPECTED gunman who allegedly chased a man into a restaurant in Hook last week is still at large.

As previously reported by The Gazette, witnesses say that a man burst into Hook Tandoori in Station Road on Wednesday evening claiming he was being chased by a man with a gun.

And restaurant owner Abdul Aziz told this newspaper how he confronted the suspect twice, pushing him out of his restaurant and protecting the distressed man, knowing that he could have had a gun.

Now, five days after the incident, police have said that no arrests have been made so far.


They say that enquiries are ongoing, and that there have been additional patrols in the village.

"Enquiries are ongoing," a spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary told The Gazette. "Local officers have been carrying out additional patrols in the area, but no further issues have been reported."

The incident happened on the same night as a man was shot and the suspect died in a police chase in Upper Enham, near Andover.

James Nash, who was a parish councillor and children's author, died a few days later after being taken to Southampton General Hospital.

The suspected shooter, identified by police as 34-year-old Alex Sartain, a local man who worked in a motorcycle garage close to James' detached cottage, died after crashing a motorbike in a police pursuit, on the A343 near Hurstbourne Tarrant.