MORE objections have been filed against plans to build warehouses near Junction 7 of the M3 - including from the council's urban design team.

John Dawson, a member of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council's Urban Design team, has said that the planned development would "harm views" of motorists entering and leaving the town.

He added that it would not constitute an "attractive building fit to mark the gateway into the town".

His comments come as the MP for North West Hampshire, Kit Malthouse, also objected to the scheme, citing its conflict "with national healthcare policies".

As previously reported, Newlands Developments are planning to build four massive warehouses at Oakdown Farm, next to Junction 7 of the M3.

It is believed that Amazon are set to take the largest of these warehouses.

Reception to the plans has generally been mixed. However, 316 of the 320 public comments received on the planning application have been objections.

Mr Dawson and Mr Malthouse are two of the latest to oppose to the plans.

In his statement, Mr Dawson said that the "Oakdown Farm site marks an important gateway into the town of Basingstoke", adding: "These previous comments suggested that a gateway into a town should be marked by pleasing and noteworthy features such as an array of attractive buildings or attractive natural features.

"I maintain that the proposed large warehouse, by virtue of its siting, scale, massing and appearance, would not constitute what most people would term 'an attractive building' fit to mark the gateway into the town.

"Indeed, I believe that this very large and plain building would positively detract from any 'gateway experience' at this south western entrance into Basingstoke.

"Those travelling along this stretch of the A30 by the application site, should have an experience and awareness of a gateway to the town which is dominated by a tree lined route rather than large buildings. I consider that the proposed warehouse would have a very significant presence.

"I consider that the proposed warehouse would harm views for those travelling along that stretch of the A30 which borders the site on its north western frontage.

"It would harm views along the link road which connects Junction 7 of the M3 to its junction with the A30 by the north eastern corner of the site. It would harm views for those leaving the town.

"It would also harm views from the local public footpath network."

Politicians, including Basingstoke MP Maria Miller and mayor of Basingstoke and Deane, Cllr Diane Taylor, have also previously spoken out against the plans.

They have now been joined by Kit Malthouse, policing minister and MP for North West Hampshire.

He said the additional traffic generated from the warehouses would interfere in the plans to build a new hospital there.

A site opposite the proposed warehouses is currently being considered as the location for a new hospital.

Mr Malthouse said: "A new hospital has the potential to transform healthcare in the North Hampshire region, especially for Andover and the various villages that make up the North West Hampshire parliamentary constituency.

"As a result, I am concerned that the plans for a hospital at this site could be placed in jeopardy due to the planning application.

"A key problem with this application is the distribution of traffic. Should the J7 site be selected as the location of the new hospital, smooth access by traffic would be required including by car, public transport and the emergency services."

He added that there are no plans to increase the capacity of Junction 7 and that no study has showed that the junction could handle the traffic from both developments.

Mr Malthouse continued: "In addition, I am concerned that the intimated use of these warehouses, and the 25/7 operation intended will have very significant implications for the local road network and residents, and unless the applicant is intending on making a large contribution to any road or junction works that are needed, or is willing to agree to severe and enforceable restrictions on traffic movements, I cannot see how the impact could be anything other than detrimental."

He added that the appearance of the warehouses are "troubling", labelling them "unsightly large metal boxes".

To see more of the plans for the warehouses, and have your say, search 20/02586/FUL on BDBC's planning portal.