A ROMSEY man's life was saved when a 11-year-old boy came to his rescue.

Dave Holland, was walking in Campion Drive, Romsey with his two-year-old grandchild when he fell into a cardiac arrest.

A year seven Mountbatten School pupil, Jacob Goodchild, was on his bike when Dave fell.

He hopped off to rescue the pushchair and discovered that Dave was unresponsive and injured.

Jacob called 999 and flagged down a nearby resident.

Luckily, she happened to be a GP and immediately started CPR on 76-year-old Dave.

She was quickly supported by a cardiologist and an off duty paramedic who both happened to be in the area, as well as family-friends of Dave who lived in the road.

Another resident appeared with a defibrillator from Woodley Village Hall, Romsey to revive the father.

Dave's wife Jenny and their son, Tom Holland arrived at the scene when he regained consciousness and was taken to Southampton General Hospital.

Tom, 36, said: "Given that the survival rate for a cardiac arrest outside of hospital is 10%, it’s a miracle that he’s still alive. The consultant at the hospital has said that he absolutely would have died if it wasn’t for the quick thinking and response of those first at the scene.”

"For an 11-year-old to have the clarity of thought in that situation to protect my nephew, to call 999, and to raise the alarm for help, is really amazing."

Abby Goodchild, Jacob's mum, said: "We are all incredibly proud of Jacob and the doctor said without his quick thinking Dave probably wouldn't be here today.

"To be first on the scene as an 11-year-old and cope with a level head and so well, it is amazing really."

Dave suffered broken ribs, which is common after CPR, and has led to a chest infection but he is recovering well and is getting stronger.

His wife Jenny, said “We will be forever grateful to Jacob, who for someone so young, acted with maturity way beyond his years.

"We just hope this encourages people to attend a first aid course and to find out where their local defibrillator is because that knowledge saved Dave’s life.”

Former Chairman of Romsey Extra Parish Council, Chris Wesson, received a call last week to say the defibrillator he installed at Woodley Village Hall four years ago - had been used to save Dave's life.

Chris said: "To hear the defib save a life - it was just like magic.

"I am very pleased and £1,500 to save a life is cheap all considering, I was so elated that somebody managed to save him."