PLANS to convert a Stanmore dwelling to a HMO will help key workers – with the landlord charging them just £10 per week.

The property, 68 Fox Lane, is currently vacant but has been purchased Mrs Jasvinder Sohal.

She is seeking permission to use it as a house of multiple occupancy for no more than four people, and will charge NHS tenants minimal rent.

In the application, Mrs Sohal, who lives in Chandler's Ford, said: "I bought 68 Fox Lane when it was uninhabitable with a view to renovate and let it out to a family. I have undertaken extensive renovations and it will be ready, I hope in the next two to three weeks.

"Due to the proximity of the property to Winchester Hospital, I would now like to help NHS key workers to find a place to live whilst they deal with the current pandemic we are facing for a nominal rent only £10 a week for the next six months.

"I have already had a nurse reach out to me asking for help with finding somewhere to live near the hospital as she wishes to work there to support over the next few months. Currently, she can only live in an expensive hotel in Basingstoke area which is not at all helpful to her."

Mrs Sohal is hoping planning officers will prioritise her application so NHS staff can be helped as soon as possible.

She added: "By helping four NHS key workers to find somewhere to stay over these crucial weeks and months, I hope I will be doing my bit to help.

"If there is the possibility of prioritising this application to dealt with more quickly, that would be most appreciated. We all know that the next few weeks are the most critical in supporting the NHS."