SIR: We had a leak in our roof a year ago, caused by our neighbours’ guttering dripping onto our roof and requiring urgent repair. The guttering was replaced by a local roofer and the leak was repaired speedily and efficiently by a colleague of his. We were then advised that the whole roof needed replacing. As it was old we agreed to this, having had a verbal assurance that we will get a 10 year warranty when the job was completed.

There was a large leak into a bedroom while the work was being done, which we were not happy about, but which was swiftly repaired and the ceiling redecorated.

Very soon afterwards the new guttering began to drip very audibly onto a skylight below it, much to the irritation of our neighbours and ourselves. They reassured us that they would address this issue, is still dripping.

In addition to this we had three drips in one of our rooms and recently another serious drip has badly stained and cracked the ceiling worsening each time it rains. Initially the roofers had agreed to come and repair it but failed to do so making continuous excuses and eventually blocking our telephone calls and not responding to telephone messages or emails.

We repeatedly asked for the warranty which was not forthcoming, and we are now left with no option other than to find a reliable company to come in and repair the damage these dishonest and incompetent ‘roofers’ have done.

Jane Alexander,

Stockbridge Road,