SIR: Royaldown is not a garden village but a green-washed mega-development, locally we call it Spoilt Down. It is 5000 houses (Barton Farm is “only” 2,000) which would destroy beautiful, historic downland, overwhelm surrounding communities and substantially affect the health of the people who live in those communities. The Sunday Times put Winchester “on the naughty step” over Silver Hill, Station Approach has not been covered in glory either. Winchester deserves world-leading planning. To do that we must start with an inspiring vision not with the SHLAA, we, the ordinary citizens who live here, must insist our public servants (both councillors and officers) stop squabbling and lead. Winchester could easily be the best place to live in Britain. It won’t be while councillors expend their energy on saying it is the other side’s fault (Chronicle, January 21) and officers spend theirs writing 104 page briefings which discombobulate the councillors and do nothing to make a complex set of issues more widely understood.

On February 15 the WCC consultation begins, I implore readers to get involved. Locals are also organising opposition under the Save South Winchester banner and have a Facebook group that is easy to join. Evil (or just bad) only needs good people to do nothing.

Louise Hedges,

Main Road,