SIR: Sir Peter Innes (Chronicle, Letters, January 21) is right not to want to use Gladstone Street Car Park. It does seem that the surcharge was a mistake and I hope he has raised it with the city council Parking Service.

However it is difficult to see why he was parking in Gladstone Street anyway. If he came to Winchester from Headbourne Worthy he could easily have used Worthy Lane Car Park and saved 70p. As a further bonus he would have avoided adding to the congestion at the Albion crossroads, and making pollution worse on Sussex Street. He would have taken less time, used less fuel, and gained a healthy short walk.

Even better, next time he might even be able to use the SPRING bus; direct and excellent value, especially if he has a bus pass.

He seems very aggrieved about the 40 pence RingGo surcharge, so he will no doubt consider far better ways of saving his money while at the same time reducing his contribution to global heating.

Phil Gagg

St Swithun Street,