SIR: Tucked away at the back of the Hampshire Chronicle last week are the prescient words of Andy Lester (‘The Storm Ahead’) warning of the threats to our environment and way of life if we do not take strong action soon to slow down global warming. He says “do not underestimate the speed at which change is now going to occur”. I would like to thank Mr Lester for being constant in reminding us of this looming catastrophe.

I believe that we have the solutions already and we have amazing talent in Hampshire to contribute to changing our society. However, we need a strong framework within which governments can enable change. That is why I urge everyone, if they have not already, to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill that is making its way as a private members bill through parliament now with almost 90 MPs supporting it already.

This bill links carbon reduction and biodiversity so that the reduction of one enhances the protection of the other. It requires that all sources of carbon are included in our accounting and to ensure equity and democracy, it requires a citizen’s assembly to be set up to inform government of how we make the changes required to ensure no one is left vulnerable as they have been during this pandemic.

Those who had warned of pandemics were ignored and we were left wanting when it arrived and climate change has been talked about for decades and still emissions are rising. This year the UK is leading COP26 therefore let’s show that governments are prepared to act as if we are in an emergency and take on this heavy responsibility by adopting the CEE bill.

Lesley Mackinnon,

Downs Road,

South Wonston