SIR: Retail outlets in the city should generally be commended for the efforts they are making to help staff and customers feel safe, with most operating either a supervised in-out policy or in the case of Tesco Express, a traffic light system to show when it is OK to enter. All generally observe social distancing and mask wearing.

There is, however, one notable exception. Around a week ago I dropped into Iceland and within seconds was confronted by a woman shopper coughing without a mask. A few months ago, I had a similar experience, this time with a staff member coughing, again unmasked. Given the cramped layout of this shop’s interior, which makes social distancing difficult, the abject failure to uphold the law on mask-wearing is quite inexcusable. Iceland needs to ensure they are worn by all who can wear them and they should station staff near the door to ensure everyone coming in has one on.

Life is quite stressful enough without having to pass a week after entering a store worrying whether one has contracted the virus, all because of its failure to observe the law and simple common sense. Winchester shoppers, you have been warned.

Justin Keay

Chapel Lane,