An Andover school is set to celebrate 50 years next month as it works on creating a new identity for its anniversary.

Knights Enham School, on King Arthurs Way, is to bury a time capsule to mark the occasion, as well as bring back a former headmaster for the day. The school’s headteacher, Dan Whitehouse, told the Advertiser that he wanted the school to develop a new local focus.

“We’re pushing ourselves to be back out there in the community and the 50th anniversary is part of that,” he said. “I just want the school to be known as a school that puts children first and for people to say it’s a really lovely school. That starts with its new identity.”

Among the first steps the school has taken to this goal is to decide on new values for the school, with those including independence, resilience and respect selected. These values will be represented as knights in murals on the outside of the building, based on children’s designs.

Following the vote, Isabel, an art student at Andover College, refined the designs into the murals, which are now being created by Paul Hawthorn.

“We want to give the school a new identity and this is a good way of doing so,” Dan said.

The murals come ahead of the 50th anniversary celebration, which aims to commemorate how far the school has come in the past half century, and where it is heading.

“I want to show the achievements the school has had in recent years and it having been a big part of the community for 50 years,” Dan said. “I want the school to be known for the right reasons and for everyone to see all of the wonderful things we can do despite it being a difficult year.”

One of the activities on the day will be the sealing of a new time capsule, to replace the 25-year-old capsule that was opened recently by former head Mr Eyles. There were a variety of items inside, including some that raised eyebrows.

“There was a book inside called the punishing book,” said Dan, “with handwritten notes of what had happened. We didn’t show that to the kids, of course, but we did show them letters from members of staff, some of whom are still at the school today, as well as old photographs, uniforms and PE kits.”

Mr Eyles will also be planting an apple tree on the day; the culmination of a vision he had 25 years ago but wasn’t able to achieve. Other activities will include a circus for students, and water fights in their year groups.

Knights Enham’s celebration takes place on July 16.