Campaigners against an ash dump near Barton Stacey have criticised the company behind the plans after claiming dust is escaping from the site.

Keep Test Valley Beautiful (KTVB) have alleged that dust from the site has been rising in clouds, causing an impact on the lives of residents in Longparish and Barton Stacey. They have gained the backing of local policitians, who have called for action.

MP Caroline Nokes said: “It is clear that growing stockpiles of ash are causing a nuisance to local residents, and both operators of the site and regulatory authorities need to take action to get the situation under control.”

Fortis IBA Limited did not respond to a request for comment.

As previously reported, Fortis IBA Limited has applied to build the storage area at the Enviropark near the A303, which received criticism from residents of Barton Stacey, Longparish and politicians for the area. It was given temporary permission during the pandemic, but now wants to make the site permanent.

The plans would see a 5m-high concrete storage area for incinerator bottom ash aggregate (IBAA) at the Enviropark on the A303, which is produced as a by-product of waste incinerators. KTVB has previously fought off a campaign against a waste incinerator itself at the site.

The application is currently being decided on by the county council, as it is a reserved matters application. However, Test Valley Borough Council offered no objection to the plans, a move criticised by the group.

The group told the Advertiser that recently, “clouds of dust have been seen rising from the Enviropark” and that residents of Longparish and Barton Stacey had seen their cars coated in dust, through admitted the latter could not be confirmed to have come from the site.

One of the residents against the plans, Henry Yelf, told the Advertiser: “We’re concerned about dust, and whatever claims are made it’s certain this stuff occasionally blows around.”

According to Fortis, the facility is designed to ensure that it does not “give rise to unacceptable adverse impacts on amenity or public health arising from noise, dust or other fugitive emissions.”

As part of their air quality strategy, they say that the dust will be controlled by using captured rainfall to spray onto the ash for dust suppression, as well as the bunds providing a physical barrier.

They added that the impact of dust is considered to be “negligible” as the nearest residences are around 500m from the site, which is further than the 250m that can be impacted according to the Institute of Air Quality Management.

However, residents say that they are being impacted nevertheless, and Longparish Parish Council’s website now includes details of contacts at Fortis IBA Limited and the Environment Agency which residents can contact if they are being affected by the site.

KTVB is also continuing to encourage residents to submit objections to the site by contacting Hampshire County Council, for the attention of Philip Millard, with their name, postcode and reference number 21/00812/CMAN at the email