BLOOD donors in Overton will now have to travel further to get an appointment.

The mobile donation centre which visits the village four times a year will no longer be coming.

Cllr Ian Tilbury, who represents Overton, Laverstoke, and Steventon, was among the donors who were handed cards telling them they would no longer be able to donate their blood at St Luke’s Hall,in Winchester Street, after the last session two weeks ago.

Cllr Tilbury said: “The demand for blood is always high, and it is not for a lack of donors here in Overton. I regularly attend the clinics when they are here, and the sessions are always full in the evening and during the day.

“Not coming here any more makes no sense if people are willing to come. It would be understandable if no one was coming to donate, but since sessions are full, it seems bizarre to stop them coming.”

The nearest place available to donate blood for Overton residents is now six and a half miles away in South Ham.

Matt Jones, assistant director of Blood Donation Operations South at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “Although many donors regularly came to the session in Overton, there were not enough to fill all the available appointments.

"This meant that we could not collect the number of donations that we needed.

“We have now reluctantly taken the decision to close this session and are writing to the donors to make them aware of this and advise them of alternate sessions in the area.

“I understand that this closure will be disappointing to those regular donors in Overton. I’d personally like to thank them for their many lifesaving donations and hope that they will continue to donate at our sessions in South Ham or one of the other venues in the Basingstoke area, although I understand it may not be possible for some people who have to travel.”