A PRIMARY school looking to expand and build more classrooms has submitted plans to the council.

Whitchurch Primary School also wants to extend the school hall and make a number of other changes.

The development was proposed to Hampshire County Council on May 31, and the public consultation period has begun, with members of the public being invited to share their views on the matter.

The school, in Daniel Road, has submitted plans to build a standalone four-classroom block.

There are also plans to convert the coach bay into more car parking spaces for staff, and make additional bike racks available.

The pedestrian and cycle path that is outside the school is also on the list of plans, as is refurbishment of the kitchens.

At the time that this issue went to press, there has only been one comment that has been made on the plans, coming from Sport England.

They note from some very early data that the new development could potentially encroach on the playing fields.

The initial letter said: “Having reviewed the plans and aerial images of the site taken from Google Earth, Sport England considers that the proposed new classroom block does extend and encroach onto the school’s playing field land.

“Sport England notes that there is community use of the playing field by both junior and youth football teams. Sport England will therefore need to carefully consider the impact of the proposal on the playing field/ pitches.”

It has submitted a holding objection, following further review of what the impact of the development has on the existing pitch layout and confirmation of the community use of the site for football.

It has made the comment despite current ‘insufficient information’ to adequately assess the development.

The consultation was launched on June 12 and ends on July 5.

The public are invited to submit their views to Hampshire County Council.