A SCULPTURE shaped like an open book has appeared in Overton village centre.

The BookBench is part of a Jane Austen 200th anniversary inspired sculpture trail, ‘Sitting with Jane’.

The Overton bench is called Look Upon Verdue, sponsored by De La Rue, and was created by artist Louis Cordelia.

Borough councillor, Ian Tilbury, said: “It’s quite interesting, it’s a nice idea.

“My family came from Steventon, where Jane Austen was born, originally.

“It brightens the village centre up a bit and helps raise the profile of the borough. “It’ll be interesting to see what happens to them afterwards.”

Many people have visited the bench, including Rosemary and Lindsay Royston, who have come all the way from Australia.

As part of their trip, the couple have been visiting a range of attractions in order to help honour the Jane Austen 200th celebrations.

They said they love the bench and Mrs Royston added the writing on the bench was ideal for the spot as they had just visited Winchester, which also has a Jane Austen exhibit at Winchester Cathedral.

There is also a BookBench currently located outside the Whitchurch Silk Mill.