Following earlier success in the Testway League competition, UCYFC U15’s secured the Testway League Cup win against Whitchurch United on the final day of the season to add to their trophy tally.

The match was played on a hot summer morning and started fast with both teams aiming to get an early lead.

Whitchurch mounted early pressure in the first five to ten minutes before Upper Clatford got into their stride and started to take control of the match.

Midfield battles were hotly contested and the threat from Upper Clatford mounted albeit with a solid Whitchurch defence holding them at bay.

Several opportunities did present themselves, including a cross goal pass that had the defence and goal keeper beaten but which UC couldn’t capitalise on.

Whitchurch also had their opportunities but with both sides even at the half time break, the match was set-up for a thrilling second half.

Following the break, the match continued at the same tempo with Upper Clatford dominating in midfield, retaining greater possession, but yet still unable to break down their opponents.

In an attempt to find a way through Whitchurch’s defence, Upper Clatford made several substitutions to change the team dynamic and provide relief to weary players.

After 63 minutes Upper Clatford’s tenacity finally paid off, a well taken corner delivered with power and accuracy proving too strong for the keeper to hold-onto and the ball dropped over the line.

Upper Clatford saw out the remainder of the match countering threat with further opportunity against a dogged opponent who refused to give-in.

The match was played by both teams with ambition, skill, determination and respect in the spirit of the competition and was a great example of the best of grassroots football.

Both teams walk away with their heads held high proud of their achievements this year and looking forward to further encounters next season.