Kings Juniors are gearing up for the biggest game of wheelchair basketball in their young lives this Saturday when they face the Wakefield Whirlwinds in the British Wheelchair Basketball Junior league final - the game is set to be shown on BBC Sport via BBC iPlayer with Tip off scheduled for 5pm.

Kings 3rd team picked up a huge win in Southampton against local rivals Hampshire Harriers on Sunday, with Peter Rapley with 16 points, Chris Nash with 14 points and Joe Humphreys with 10 points led the scoring as Kings III picked up the win, 55-27.

The win was enough to take them second in Division Three South and it is believed to be enough from Kings calculations to take them to playoffs as the best runner-ups from the three Division Three Leagues (North, Central and South) as they appear to lead the tie-breaking criteria - thanks in part to their mid-season win against Division 3 South winners, the Brixton Ballers at home back on the 18th December.

Confirmation should come within the next couple of days.

If Kings 3rds do make the playoffs finals they will play a semi final at 11am on Saturday before either the 3/4th place playoff at 3pm or the Final (should they make it) at 9am on Sunday.