FOLLOWING The Scary Guy’s second visit to Winton School in February we wanted to take this opportunity to inform readers about the feedback we have already received from students, parents and teachers.

Scary uses innovative techniques to help students build their resilience by understanding that they do not have to take on the attitudes and comments of others, who might try to hold them back.

As part of the programme Scary has addressed issues of antisocial behaviour and how young people can stray into this. He helps the students see how this might happen and how to avoid it, giving young people the tools to create positive behaviours.

One student said: “I want to thank you for coming to Winton for the second time. It has been one of the best experiences of my life. I made a decision to change the way I behave and take more responsibility for my actions”.

Another said: “Since you came to Winton I have the courage to tell people about bullying. You are an amazing guy and you inspired me not to be afraid of the bullies. You have changed my life completely.”

It is not just students who have been inspired by the work Scary is doing in Andover.

We have had feedback from teachers saying “The kids were so involved, it’s given me a fab starting point to continue working with them and using some of the resources we discussed.”

Parents have noticed a difference too – one said: “Our daughter has been in therapy for a while now and it just isn’t doing anything. We have sat with you for 90 minutes and now we have some answers – it feels like we can use this to help our daughter”

Scary is teaching the students at Winton clear strategies to increase their capacity to make choices about everything they see and hear from others, so that they can live without becoming a victim or a bully.

We have had fantastic support from a range of public and private sector organisations including Stannah, Hampshire Police, TVBC and Aster and we are currently looking to work with even more schools across Andover to develop the project further.

Cllr Phil North and Ivor Evans, Andover