THANK you for your continuing coverage of the proposed cycleway on Weyhill Road. I have read with interest the various articles and letters that you have published.

Andover’s current cycle paths are of a poor standard.

No wonder the Andover Town Access Plan demanded that politicians ‘improve personal safety, especially for pedestrians and cyclists’.

On that point alone, the proposed cycleway on Weyhill Road fails: priority at intersections is in favour of motor traffic; and there is no cycleway on the opposite side of the road, thus requiring some interesting manoeuvring to get onto the one planned.

The solution is: create Space for Cycling. That is, build new cycleways to Dutch quality standards that separate all three modes of transport: walking, cycling and driving.

Plus, cut the speed limit to 20mph through residential areas.

Test Valley Borough Council’s projects engineer: “A‘Dutch Style’ streetscape would be very nice to provide”

and that “(Dutch) layouts you’ve given as an example are physically possible”.

I have included that example layout of a Dutch road which is as narrow (wide) as Weyhill Road in my blog at Cycleway.

Andrew Reeves-Hall, Whitchurch,