Am I the only one who’d use cycle path?

I MUST be the only person
in Andover who uses the
cycle paths (and when no
one is looking, it seems).
I encourage my children to
use their bikes rather than
use the car.
We are lucky that there are
cycle paths from our house to
the town centre and to the
leisure centre, which we use
throughout the summer
months (including the path at
the back of the Town Mills,
Mr Comley).
I went on a bike ride with a
friend recently which
involved riding on roads
through town, including
Weyhill Road, and I found the
whole experience very scary
and almost got knocked off
my bike at one point (through
no fault of my own).
I would never take my children
along this route unless
it was made safer.
I enjoy cycling to and from
activities with my children
and as they get older it would
be lovely if they could cycle
to friends and their activities
and clubs safely on their
I do agree that a shared
bike/pedestrian path is not
ideal and should be separate,
and I like the idea of Mr
Reeves-Hall’s Dutch plan.
Maybe it is just me, and
maybe no one else would use
this, but I find that thought
rather sad.

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