WHAT does local mean?
According to my dictionary it
means “a person belonging to a district”.
So I assume “local traffic only”
means this particular road is only for
the use of local persons driving their
cars along it.
There are two signs before you
enter Weyhill Road from the
McDonald’s roundabout both saying
“local traffic only”. I assume these
were placed by Hampshire County
Council (HCC) as they are responsible
for our roads, pavements, etc. I
also assume it is not possible for
them to enforce this as there is no
law allowing them to do this, otherwise
we would not have a problem
with heavy traffic long the Weyhill
Obviously, we have and always had
a problem with heavy traffic along
Weyhill Road because we have two
If this problem was addressed by
HCC there would be no need for pavements
to be gutted for cycle paths.
If the incoming traffic was to be
stopped gaining direct access to
Weyhill Road at the East Portway
roundabout and instead had to flow
only to the left being directed through
the industrial estate to the main roundabout,
then encouraged to head for the
town on the roads that were surely
built for this purpose in the first place!
If necessary cycle paths could run parallel
to these roads as there are wide
verges with no footpaths. I’m, assuming
cyclists actually ride for the enjoyment
and not as a chore!
Local people driving their cars
would be able to find their way back
easily to the Weyhill Road in a short
period of time!
I’ve noticed more local people are
realising HCC and TVBC take no
notice of local people’s opinions
because like the cars it feels they
enforce themselves upon us!
So, who is responsible to make a
claim to, should a pedestrian be
injured by a cyclist?

Ron Wood
Bridge Street