POWERFUL American lobbyists are playing tough and dirty to keep fluoridation.

Hold that thought, and think of PHE’s aggressive tactics.

Fluoridation is politically toxic and utterly without merit or logic.

It’s dangerous, indiscriminate mass medication turning the public water supply into a delivery system for an illegal poison.

It’s a violation of human rights on an epic scale and an equally epic vote loser, so why has it become this manic imperative?

Could the answer be the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – a deal with frightening ramifications as revealed when 38 Degrees campaigners visited Andover.

To quote 38 Degrees: “If it goes through it could permanently privatise the NHS [and] put the profits of big business ahead of our environment.

Leaks on the deal suggest it will: allow companies to sue governments if they make decisions affecting big business profits; stop future governments from rolling back privatisation of our public services, like the NHS; relax the rules which protect consumers, our environment, our welfare and health services, to much weaker levels seen in the US”.

While the NHS struggles with rising costs and a chronically ill and aging nation private health and pharmaceutical companies salivate at the prospect of making billions out of illness.

So when a government deliberately sets out to inflict on its people toxic industrial waste via the water supply knowing it’s a carcinogenic neurotoxin linked to cancers and thyroid, kidney, brittle bone and brain diseases – fully aware that it fails in its primary function because it causes dental fluorosis – ignoring the fact it has no licence for human consumption and is banned under EU law – you know there’s more to it than blind stupidity.

Under TTIP benefits to the fluoride polluting industries are assured.

Meanwhile corporate profits multiply with the NHS supplying profiteers with a fluoridated, chronically ailing population that will no longer be a burden on the Government, but will be an ongoing and increasing source of revenue to the health and pharmaceutical industries.

Is the link between fluoridation, the NHS and TTIP farfetched?

You decide.

Jennifer Godschall Johnson, Balksbury Hill, Upper Clatford