AT the June meeting of Amport Parish Council the following matters were discussed:

Boundary changes: The Boundary Commission is asking the public for their comments on the planned changes to local ward boundaries, with the object of cutting down on the number of borough councillors. Amport would become part of a new ward called ‘Anna’, which would stretch from the Wiltshire border to Harewood Forest and include Quarley, Amport, East Cholderton, Grateley, Palestine, Monxton, Abbotts Ann, Anna Valley, Upper and Goodworth Clatford and parts of Cholderton.

This whole area would be covered by only two councillors — at present their local councillor, Ben Few Brown, only represents four villages, which enables him to know his area very well and have the ability to deal with local issues from an informed position. If you wish to have your say on this matter, please write to: The Review Officer (Test Valley), Local Government Boundary Commission for England, 14th floor, Millbank Tower, London, SW1P 4QP.

Highways: The council has still not received a response from Hampshire Highways as to when permanent repairs will be carried out to both Wiremead Lane and the road across The Green. However, since the meeting a certain amount of scalpings has been put into some of the deeper potholes on Wiremead Lane as a temporary measure.

Footpaths: The footpaths have now been cut, vegetation having become very long, and are due to be done again at the end of August. However, a number of them have overhanging bushes and branches of trees, which makes walking difficult, and this is the responsibility of the landowner.

Hampshire County Council are planning to reissue the definitive footpath map to show the changes. footpath 11, which goes across Haydown Farm fields from the wood above Church Field and on to Thruxton, and footpath 22 which goes alongside and through Badger Wood to London Lodge, because both these paths have been in regular use for 20 years.

Solar farm compensation: A flyer has been enclosed with this month’s Parish News asking parishioners for ideas of what the money should be used for. For those unable to reply via email or the website, the chairman, Cllr Ian Long will have a stand at the village fête on 8 July where people can put forward their suggestions in person.

Members of the parochial church council are hoping to receive a reasonable sum towards the £22,000 cost of the new heating system for the church. This will make the building much more useful as a community meeting place for concerts, lectures, exhibitions, etc. It will make it a real asset to the village as a whole.

Defibrillator: The council are keen to have a second defibrillator within the parish and will ask Rosebourne, the garden centre at Weyhill, if they would be prepared to contribute to one to be situated in that area.

Dates of next two meetings: 12 September and 10 October.

Caroline Unwin