LIKE thousands of others I enjoyed this year’s Andover Carnival.

It clearly included plenty of fun in the fundraising! It was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and acquaintances. What a big village Andover is!

There were however, two things missing in Vigo Park: litter and mobile phones. A rare treat I thought. So often on dog walks I return with the bag of ‘doggy doos’ plus bottles and cans I’ve collected — whilst from time to time dodging walkers with mobiles who don’t look where they are going!

I’ve no idea why the litter and mobiles were missing, but I do know that goodness and kindness are calling. Maybe the gathering together of all us Andoverians to celebrate our town and help two worthwhile charities was a greater influence on us than we realised. We certainly weren’t practising ‘mindfulness’ in quiet contemplation, but we were all together, sharing the moment, and engaging with each other and helping our community.

Now that is the godly way to live.

Rev Jill Bentall