BROUGHTON Floral Club celebrated its golden anniversary with a glass of bubbly, cake and a superb demonstration by Hans Haverkamp, renowned for his directorship of Cascades at Winchester Cathedral 2015.

Hans’s mechanics for each of his displays were very bold and he used a plethora of flowers too many to mention.

For his first delight, he used peach avalanche roses mixed with yellow roses which were set into a huge piece of driftwood.

Secondly, a very large base held a skeletal structure of large twigs tied randomly together and with the addition of tall strelitzia reginae stems, leucospermum stems and beautiful burnt orange calla lilies he completed a very unusual display which could be achievable by flower arrangers.

For his next display Hans had woven dried willow twigs together, tied at each end, representing a boat shape. The colour scheme was pale green, yellow and white giving height with tall allium, fern fronds, gladiolus and molucella stems. The base was a mass of white avalanche roses and tubes filled with large white anthurium and trailing ivy. This would have looked splendid in any yacht club foyer.

Following this he created a playful structure starting with three very tall vases entwined with dried jungle vine. Tied randomly were large green apples (artificial), odd little pieces of plastic moss and fern with an explosion of colour coming from yellow double sunflowers and green Anastasia chrysanthemums placed in the vases. Physalis had been attached to wire and strings of them were also placed randomly throughout the display.

Arrangements done earlier in the evening by Hans, were placed on a scroll design of tied dried willow, which co-ordinated with a tall pedestal. A small container was used with tall phormium tenax leaves and tall stems of stipa grass and long arching dryopteris fern fronds. The base consisted mostly of yellow flowers, antirrhinum stems, chiquita double gerbera, roses, euonomous, moluccella laevis, calla lillies, green chrysanthemums and finishing with hanging ameranthus. The stage was absolutely filled with a riot of yellow. A ‘Thank You’ to Hans for making this golden anniversary so memorable.

The vlub’s next meeting is on the 6 September. Melanie Smith will be demonstrating ‘Postcards from France’. Visitors are welcome. 7pm for 7.30pm.