AMPORT Parish Council met in September after a summer break of two months.

Jonny Kitson, who lives in Furzedown Lane, has been co-opted onto the council as a new councillor.

The following items were discussed:

Regenthill recycling factory: Located at Weyhill, the factory is causing problems to the residents of Fairways. The specific complaints are noise from the plant and the continual vehicle reversing alarms. Also, security lighting which causes light pollution in the area.

The council’s view was that this was an inappropriate area for such a business, which would be better sited on an industrial estate.

However, Test Valley Borough Council’s Environmental Health have visited and stated that they are not aware of any problems. The parish council have suggested that the residents who are affected should keep a record detailing Regenthill’s actions which cause stress. They also should seek support from the Fairways Committee.

The Green: Although this has been cut quite frequently, excess grass clippings have still been a problem during peak growing times. The idea of leaving part of The Green to become a wild flower area was considered and advice will be sought from the Hawk Conservancy. The Fen path has also been cut recently, and the concept of a bridge across the stream to The Green is still being worked on. Minor repairs will be undertaken to the play equipment and the trees beside The Green will be checked from a safety point of view.

Footpaths: The paths have now received a second cut but a third cut may be needed before the winter as growth is still strong.

The owner of the trout fishery is to be asked to level the path across his property where it is sloping and hopefully provide a more durable surface. The hedge there is quite high now and the path would be improved for walkers if it was cut lower to allow a view of the fishing lake.

Highways: The repairs to the road outside the school were unfortunately not carried out during the holidays, and the damaged edge to the road beside the ditch alongside The Green is still deteriorating.

The matter of cars speeding through East Cholderton was looked at again but as there have been no actual accidents, neither Hampshire Highways nor the Police feel any action is justified. (A flashing sign for this stretch of road would cost the parish council £3,000.)

Hedges: The chairman, Cllr Ian Long, was not sure what action could be taken to persuade landowners to cut back overhanging vegetation from alongside roads, where it is blocking drivers’ sightline and is likely to cause an accident. He wondered whether it would help to send them a postcard reminding them that legally they are obliged to do this. Some councillors offered to mention this to offending neighbours.

Money from solar farm: A number of ideas had been put forward by the public as to how these funds should be spent. It was agreed to set up a sub-committee to discuss the merits of the proposals.

Next meeting: 10 October at 7.30pm in Monxton and Amport Hall.

Caroline Unwin,