THANK you to all the readers who responded directly to my letter on surnames and their origins (Letters 29 September).

More replies came from villages than Andover itself and again a fair proportion came from Whitchurch.

The surname Smithson means son of the smith.

Famous Smithsons have included: Florence Smithson (1884-1936), the actress and singer well known in Edwardian musical comedies and Tommy Smithson who was a notorious London gangster who was murdered by Maltese rivals in 1956.

The famous Smithsonian Institute was founded upon the wealth of James Smithson (1765-1829). It was an establishment for the increase of learning in man.

The surname Bakerson is very rare and Archerson and Carterson may have become extinct.

Secondly, can any reader tell me the names of any independent will writers operating in the Andover area in the late 1990s. Please write to me at 96, Genoa Court, Roman Way, Andover, SP10 5JD.

Richard J Kidd. Address supplied.