AN AWFUL tragedy in Florida on 14 February and it will be sad that so many families will be devastated by this event and I’m sure our thoughts are with them.

I’m so glad we have tight gun control laws here in the UK. Regular readers will perhaps remember my previous letter of the knock-on effect of police cuts on other police like MoD and Military Police (Letters 7 July 2017).

In the UK we still had 6,694 recorded gun offences in the year to September 2017, and knife crime has risen by an astonishing 21 per cent. Perhaps if we highlight this in the UK those we have elected would think twice before cutting frontline police numbers as they intend to in Hampshire where they are planning to reduce 110 officers and 52 police staff.

Soon there will come a point where our police force simply cannot protect us due to savage cuts. That is, if we are not already there.

Richard Rowles, Wherwell