I WAS asked the other day, “What makes you angry?”

My reply: “Injustice, in whatever shape or form and wrong decision-making by those elected to look after our interests”.

Case in point: the decision taken to close a second block of toilets in Andover – those in the central car park of George Yard.

We are a very large community of 45,000 and counting – a town surrounded by villages from whence, hopefully, come many shoppers. Many of us, old and young, some with varying degrees of mobility or disability. Often, we find it necessary to avail ourselves of a toilet at frequent intervals. It is essential that a toilet is indeed in a convenient situation, in a car park, and that we are not directed to perhaps ‘inconvenient’ and even unknown premises ‘offering’ toilet facilities, for which permission may be withdrawn in the future.

It seems entirely inappropriate that the public conveniences in George Yard should be closed, especially as it is contrary to government guidelines. Namely, that ‘conveniences’ should not be closed without public consultation.

Jill Sacree, Lime Walk, Andover.