IT’S easy for the Andover Advertiser to suggest that Peter Sumner’s latest letter of May 4 is ‘inflammatory’.

But from some anti-Semitism in the Labour Party to institutional racism in the Tory Home Office it is clear that the views of Peter Sumner have become mainstream.

So mainstream that Theresa May thought that the Tories could get away with deporting the Windrush generation (predominantly black people) that had been here for decades, just to meet some targets that would please the likes of Peter Sumner.

Even Megan Markle has been subject to racism. I am sorry, but it is racist, Mr Sumner, to blame migrants for rising crime levels, while ignoring that police numbers have been cut by 21,000 (16 per cent) since 2010. It is also racist to suggest that public services are under strain due to migrants, when again you ignore cuts to public services and you then ignore that migrants working are often keeping services like the NHS afloat.

All too frequently the political right have used migrants as a shield to cover their own failings Once again Peter Sumner goes on about treachery regarding Brexit. How can he accuse others of treachery when the Leave campaigns promised £350 million a week for the NHS, that 80 million Turks were coming, promised that the EU would let us have “our cake and eat it”, have given us an economy that is stalling compared to a surging EU one? Oh yes, who said that the Irish border wasn’t a problem?

They were the ones that lied their way to a narrow victory in the EU referendum, who cheated by overspending and allowed shadowy companies to manipulate people’s Facebook accounts.

Bring back the Treason Act if you like Mr Sumner, but the people that I consider should be in the dock will be rather different to yours.

Paul Goddard, St Anns Close, Andover