WE RETURN to what has proved a very popular series of images published in the Advertiser in recent years – ‘Yesterday and Today’.

Andover, in the late 1960s/ early 1970s was on the cusp of redevelopment and much of Andover was captured by a keen local photographer, Jeffrey Saunders.

Here can be seen the entrance to Adelaide Road at about 1969 with three things that are no more: (l to r) the original indoor swimming baths (today the site of housing) with the Cricklade Leisure Centre yet to be built (and now in the process of being re-developed today); the Borough Arms Public House (the same building today now the BestOne convenience store); and a K6 red phone box.

The Andover Advertiser is always interested in photographs of yesteryear depicting town and village life down the years. If you have any interesting photographs that you are willing to lend or give, please send them to Derek Kane, Editorial Assistant, Andover Advertiser, 2b Union Street, Andover, SP10 1PA or e-mail derek.kane@andoveradvertiser.co.uk.